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Halal Foods And Their Global Reach


Halal can be found on a number of different food tags and eateries. The expression is vital for our Muslim friends as it denotes what is approved for them to consume by their Islamic dietary law. In a country with citizens of diverse religions, the term halal food is very important. Halal means lawful or legal. If a food label has this term, or an eatery claims they are Halal-certified, it means that the preparation of their food complies with the Islamic dietary law, and consequently, they are able to eat the items. As to just what is permitted under Islamic law, for Halal meat products, the way in which an animal should be killed must adhere to certain specific conditions. It is alleged that the slaughtering of an animal with a knife is the most agonizing and tortuous technique of killing. Nothing can be more beyond the truth. It has been recognized beyond any doubt, through neutral scientific experiments carried out in non-Muslim countries, that the Islamic method for Halal food of slaughtering with a knife is the smallest amount painful and therefore the most humane process of killing an animal.

The Western method of stunning animals in the head is not only brutally painful, as shown by experiments, but it is also disturbingly unhygienic. There is mounting apprehension (based on the conclusions of some researches) that this technique may be a part in the spread of Mad Cow disease (MCD) from cattle to human beings. The developments towards making international the Halal food standard and accreditation is likely to reach an intense pace within the coming years. If things go as proposed, Muslims the world over will sooner or later have a single standard to govern the manufacture of their Halal food, their cosmetics, and their leisure. With extensive expertise in the food processing industry, Sara’s offers a dynamic range of Halal food products.

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