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The Top 5 Benefits of Grilling Over Catering


Are you planning an upcoming corporate event for your office? A birthday party for you teenage son? Perhaps a school fundraiser? Are you considering providing food for your guests, and considering catering from a local restaurant? Before you make that call to the caterer, consider grilling at your event. Here is why:

1. The Food is Fresh Let’s face it. Sometimes catered food can be a little underwhelming. At times it is rubbery and cold. Grilling a fresh steak, pork chop or chicken breast ensures that the food comes off the grill hot and is served with sizzling freshness. Nothing completes a party than fresh food. Likewise, nothing can ruin a party like cold, unsatisfying food. This leads to…

2. The Last Person in Line isn’t Left Out What happens when food is catered? There is always a mad dash to the front of the line, because everyone knows that catered food that sits can become even colder. Nobody wants to be last in line for catered food. However, by grilling at your event, it is guaranteed that nobody has an advantage in getting the best tasting food than anyone else. No matter whether a person is first in line or last in line, they are guaranteed to get a fresh, piping hot entre straight off the grill. What beats that?

3. Creates More of a Party Atmosphere The clouds of smoke from the grill, the sizzle of the meat, the flipping of the burgers, the banter among the grillers Grilling naturally creates a party atmosphere, much more so than catering food. When catering, your food arrives and is set on a table. When grilling, partiers are able to interact with the chef, and the party naturally revolves around the grill, creating another source of fun at the event.

4. You Can Tell the Food is High Quality When catering, the food comes in glass containers with foil over it, and there is no telling what lies underneath. Everyone hopes the food will be good, but nobody knows for sure until they dig in. As for grilling, everyone knows the fresh meet thrown on the grill is high quality. They can see it with their own eyes. This leads to one of the most important aspects of grilling over catering…

5. Tailor The Food to Your Own Tastes Back to the glass containers encased in foil, what lies underneath? One thing everyone at the party knows for sure is that it’s not going to be cooked and seasoned to their exact desires. Grilling changes all that. Does a partygoer want his or her steak well done? Medium well? Maybe rare? By grilling, they can have whichever they choose. Similarly, would they like their steak heavily peppered? Marinated in Worchester sauce? Again, this is possible when grilling instead of catering. Grilling allows for complete customization to one’s dinner, guaranteeing that everyone will be satisfied with their meal, and ultimately, the party itself. *** If you are planning an event in the near future, would like to grill at the event but like the convenience of catering, and live in the Kansas City area, consider mobile catering at your event from Two Guys and a Grill. They will make sure the meal at your event, and consequently the event itself, is a success.

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